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Psychiatric care

Internursing Mental, our home help specialising in psychiatry, is the result of the experience developed in recent years by Internursing Spitex, with its team specialising in psychiatric home care.

Internursing Mental works so that the person with a psychiatric illness can remain at home and avoid institutionalisation, through individualised care which takes into account their personal, family and social resources and which allows for rehabilitation in daily activities and the development of psychosocial skills.

Internursing Mental provides assistance to the psychiatric patient, in agreement with the referring doctor and his team composed of:

- mental health nurses
- nurses undergoing specialisation
- care assistants
- SRC health workers

The services are recognised by all Swiss health insurances and the invoice will be sent directly to the insurer.

Psychiatric care requires network work involving many people (general practitioners, geriatricians, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, carers, educators, etc.). Therefore, Internursing Mental promotes network meetings and encourages the smooth flow of information within the network.


- Individualised assessment according to the therapeutic plan drawn up by the referring doctor
- Medical-technical activities (therapy preparation, vital signs, therapy administration, IM EV....)
- Basic care
- Psycho-educational support in activities of daily living
- Reintegration activities
- Support in sub-acute situations
- Network meetings

Having a specialised service will make it possible to focus more on a selected target group of professionals and users, while maintaining close cooperation with Internursing Spitex for general care.